“While the FDA doesn’t have definitive evidence demonstrating breast implants cause these symptoms, the current evidence supports that some women experience systemic symptoms that may resolve when their breast implants are removed, referred to by some patients and health care professionals as breast implant illness,” read the statement from the FDA.

I hope to help clear up the confusion and misinformation and medical inaccuracies perpetuated by the internet. The patients who believe in Breast Implant Illness, believe that a total capsulectomy is necessary to remove all the poison’s agents and they have decided to call it en bloc, oftentimes without having a full understanding of what size incision is necessary for en bloc. Rather than react, we need to first discuss the reasons you would perform a total capsulectomy with any patient. Not all plastic surgeons routinely perform a capsulectomy with explant, but some do. If you wish to perform capsulectomy on a patient, it is extremely important to explain that it is not always possible to remove all of the capsule. Sometimes a portion of the capsule must be left behind or is disintegrated with the use of electrocautery to prevent significant damage to muscle, rib or lung. It is also important to explain the size of the incision that is necessary for an en bloc (as many may not be aware of how large an incision may be necessary). If they had an axillary approach or periareolar approach for breast implant placement, it must be explained to them that they cannot have the procedure done through those same incisions. It is recommended to reinforce that there are increased surgical risks associated with en bloc capsulectomy which requires a complete dissection of all the tissues surrounding the breast implant and, that we do not have enough collective data to guarantee any improvement in their symptoms they have labelled Breast Implant Illness (BII)  That being said, I completely respect and believe any woman who knows her body and firmly believes that removing her implants will indeed help if not completely remove symptoms they are having as a result of the implant placement. My office is here to help you have a complete understanding of the process of removing them and also help detox your body in a natural and effective manner.