Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is currently the most popular surgical cosmetic procedure in the US. Whether you’d like bigger, perkier, or matching breasts, Athleo L. Cambre, MD, offers customized breast augmentations via individualized surgical procedures planned with your particular anatomy in mind, at his private practice in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. To increase your confidence with an expert breast augmentation, call the clinic or book your consultation through the online tool today.

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What is a breast augmentation?

Smaller breasts are a normal variant of human anatomy, but they can affect your self-esteem and your bodily proportions, and limit the types of clothing options available to you. If you want larger breasts, breast augmentation is a surgery that increases their size and improves fullness and shape. Dr. Cambre offers breast augmentation surgeries to women who want to:

  • Enhance the fullness of their breasts
  • Increase their breasts’ perkiness
  • Restore fullness of the breasts lost as a result of aging, breast feeding, or weight loss
  • Make their breasts more symmetrical
  • Improve body proportions, balancing the torso vs. the hips
  • Restore and elevate your confidence

In short, a breast augmentation helps you achieve the breast size and shape you desire by adding or restoring volume to the breasts using implants.

What can I expect during my breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation procedures are quick and don’t require an overnight hospital stay. The procedure is done while you are asleep under general anesthesia.

During your consultation with Dr. Cambre, you will discuss the options available for the incision placement and pocket location (above or below the pectoral muscle), as well as the likely range of implant size(s) to achieve your goals. Currently, there are two types of implants:


All implants use the same outer shell, composed of smooth silicone rubber.

Saline implants are built to contain a minimum and maximum volume for a given implant size and dimension, which is generally selected pre-operatively.

After the implant is placed, Dr. Cambre fills them with the appropriate volume of sterile injectable saline IV solution through an integrated, self-sealing valve.

If a saline implant leaks, it may partially or completely deflate, and the saline solution will be absorbed by your body. This generally necessitates replacement of one or both implants depending upon the age of the implants.


Silicone implants utilize the same outer silicone rubber shell, however they are filled with a silicone polymer gel material instead of a saline solution.

Silicone implants come in a variety of shapes and volumes, which are chosen preoperatively to achieve your desired outcome. If your silicone implant leaks or ruptures, the breast does not lose volume since the silicone gel polymer is harmless and not absorbable by your body.

Am I a good candidate for a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentations are an effective treatment for women who are uncomfortable with the shape, size, or symmetry of their breasts. After an in-depth consultation, Dr. Cambre may decide that you’re a candidate if you:

  • Aren’t pregnant
  • Aren’t breastfeeding
  • Are generally healthy
  • Don’t have breast cancer
  • Have fully developed breasts

To make sure that you’re prepared and have realistic expectations for your surgery, be sure to explore photos of breast augmentation results and ask Dr. Cambre any questions that you have about the surgery.

Your breasts and body proportions contribute to your sense of femininity. To find out how a breast augmentation can improve your shape and self-image, call Athleo L. Cambre, MD, or go online to book a consultation today.