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To My Patients and Fellow Members of the Local and Global Community:

In light of the evolving worldwide Coronavirus pandemic and community-wide measures that have been implemented to date in an effort to blunt the spread of this highly-contagious infectious disease, I have decided to temporarily suspend my practice for the foreseeable future.  This difficult decision has been reached after careful consideration of the rapidly-changing information regarding the incidence of local and regional cases, and is being done with the primary intention of safeguarding the health and welfare of my patients and office staff.  The decision has been made somewhat more logical and inevitable by virtue of the cascade of interruptions in deliveries of goods and services by most of our suppliers and businesses we depend upon in order to provide our services to you, as well as in anticipation of further cutbacks that may be required or mandated.  This decision is also congruent with today’s recommendations from the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

During this interval, I will continue to care for all recent post-operative patients as well as any non-life-threatening emergencies that may arise.  We will continue to respond to phone and e-mail communications with our patients to the extent possible, but ask for your patience and consideration if we are not able to answer immediately.  As new information becomes available regarding the projected timeline for easing of current self-quarantine restrictions, we will reevaluate and communicate the timeframe to full restoration of our practice environment.

In these unprecedented times, we must all rise to the challenge in a unified and selfless mission to protect one another, both strangers and those we love, and the world we live in.  Together, we can do this.  You will remain in my thoughts, and I pray for your safety and health.

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